Food Photography

Canon Food Photography at Fukuichi Japanese Dining

Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 6pm

I finally had a chance to attend Canon-ieat workshop a week ago. The most exciting part was able to hear Dr. Tay share his tips in this field. He’s a popular food blogger. I honestly told him that I missed his previous workshops (2008, 2009, 2010) and even though I don’t eat Japanese food, I was really excited to sign-up this year. I’m really glad I did! For a fee of $60, it was worth it. Dr. Tay delivered his workshop without any dull moment! And I get to take home an autographed (complimentary) book, Then End of Char Kway Teow. It’s some sort of a summary of his food reviews which you can also find in his blog and much more!. (I haven’t finished reading it. I just keep on staring at his autograp in the book hehehe)


The Venue.
The workshop was held at Fukuichi Japanese Dining . As I’ve said, I don’t eat Japanese food. I always link it to ‘raw’ food. And I always imagine that if I eat raw fish, the wiggly worms will be all over the place in my intestines LOL I’m sorry for that 😦 Guess, I’m just imagining too much. But hey, it all changed since I tried the food in Fukuichi! No, not the raw hehehe I requested for a cooked Japanese food. The staff, manager and owner there were soooo kind and accomodating. Not that I’m being biased since I haven’t tried any other Japanese food hehehe I mean, service-wise, this is the place! I don’t know the pricing for Japanese food so I can’t comment on that 🙂 Oh, and let me tell you about Chef John, he’s a real sport.. He was asked to just stand behind the bar while we take photos of the food.

I’ll definitely recommend Fukuichi to my friends 🙂

The Workshop.
In my opinion, it was organized though just a bit late to start but it’s still okay.
After Dr. Tay’s talk, we were given the option to either: start photo shooting OR eat (because some were already hungry. Oh please! imagine that the workshop was based on Food!)
The Japanese food were prepared by Chef John and his staff. They were all pre-arranged at Fukuichi’s lobby.
The tables at the lobby were nicely set-up so that we can just hop from one to another table to take photos. There was also food setup in the bar. So there was really no pushing around LOL I was afraid of that since I was only using the 50mm lens. As what I’ve just mentioned, it’s really organized. The only thing was the weather! It was raining! That means gray clouds and all.

Overall, I had so much fun in such a little time. I had to rush for the 6pm sunset mass.

The Photos.
Below are the photos taken during the workshop. I used Canon EOS 500D with a fixed lens (50mm). They were all shot in manual mode. Unfortunately, I don’t have photoshop 😦 These photos were edited using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Truth is, I uploaded these photos during office hours LOL The only editing made were crop and light adjustment. All were resized for easier uploading. I need a lot of practice in the field of food photography. I’m not sure if means I should eat more too! LOL

By the way, when you reach at the almond prawns photos.. Oh my, bad photo *lol* should have moved sideways. That black handle just blocked the shot grrrr But I still included it here because the one photo has Chef John in the background 🙂 I also hope I did justice in taking photos of the food served by Fukuichi.

cold noodles
unagi with tofu

almond prawns with Chef John in the background
almond prawns
Fukuichi served nicely my requested cooked food. I heart them!
Dr. Tay

Click on the link to Dr. Tay’s review for Fukuichi Japanese Restaurant.

Fukuichi Japanese Dining

TripleOne Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
Tel: 6271 5586 / 6472 8269


Dr. Leslie Tay’s previous workshops:

Jul 2008

May 2009 – Sun &  Moon Restaurant

May 2010 – Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

July 2010 – TETSU Restaurant


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